open-air show between contemporary circus and movement theater.

Strange to walk in the fog! Life is loneliness.“ (Hesse)

An 8.5 m high and 7 m wide curtain turns the environment into a theater: a park, a city center,... becomes a stage and seduces the viewer to rediscover the familiar.

The setting is changeable, can be manipulated by the actors and so images and situations that bring new aspects into focus are constantly emerging.

Circus techniques such as Chinese-Pole and acrobatics on a swinging trapeze provide the vocabulary for a contemporary and hopeful kind of metaphorical language and repeatedly ensure moments of amazement and leaving behind all worries.

Modern electronic sounds mix with live music: a saxophone playing in dizzying height the sound track for a vertical dance on a rope ladder.

Is the difference between dystopia and utopia eventually just a matter of perspective?

The piece is aimed at a large audience of all ages.


Duration: 30 minutes

Creative Team

Idea and Concept: Lisa Rinne &Andreas Bartl

Costume Design: Anastasia Lotikova

Music Composition: Michael Strobel

Stage Design: Sascha Hinz

Outside Eye: Julia Knaust

Video: Dirk Weiler

Photos: Nicole Oestreich

Supported by

Fonds Darstellende Künste
Oldenburgische Landschaft
Oldenburgische Landschaft